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Help with a new delivery project

I’m starting a new project about a delivery system. It´s a webpage where you can find all the local restaurants and see their menus, then you can make a cart and get the food by delivery from the selected restaurant.

I don’t know if i must use a CMS, prestashop or something like that. I need 3 different type of users: 1 for the restaurants, 1 for the consumer and 1 for the admin.

I hope you help me to choose.

Thank you!

Julio R.

You can get help here with your Webflow design issues, but it’s not the place at all to ask for help for the choice of a CMS. Webflow forums are haunted by people who don’t know what a CMS is, or by people who’d prefer not knowing what a CMS is (;

personally, I would design it in Webflow… export it… rip it apart.

Use php (for code) and mysql (backend).

I use a CMS when needed… but a huge fan of any CMS.

FYI we already do that on some sites without the “ripping apart” thing. We add dynamic behavior to webflow pages, acting like templates, without ever touching the code. So we guaranty we can continue working on the template in Webflow. We used NodeJS and MongoDB for that. Could have been done with PHP/MySQL too.

There’s one project where a Drupal core is acting like an Apache server to handle all the webflow pages. This one isn’t very dynamic, most likely static content, but every page exists in 5 languages and there are custom URL to print.

that’s pretty interesting. I’d prefer to keep it inside webflow.

the “ripping apart” process - works well - but the designer has to undertand
– it’s a one way street.

if webflow could develop something like php sessions or interaction with a mysql… it would killer.

that “might” help eliminate my need to export the code.

…followed by years of styling and fixing bits inside the browser Inspector, if you see what I mean… (I think you see :slight_smile: )

definitely agree. been there. done that.

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