Developing a website and hooking up a database after exporting

Hi Webflow community,

I’m working as the front end developer and designer for a cooking and recipe/recipe to shopping list conversion website. We have someone working on the back-end databases. I am nearly a complete beginner when it comes to web development so I’ve chosen to use Webflow to help me turn my Figma vision into code while I learn more.

My plan is to create a static website in Webflow and then to hook up the database after I export the code.

Making the website would be so much easier if I could use a database during the creation process in Webflow, so that I have real recipes and ingredients to work with. I could do this with Webflow’s CMS but I’ve heard this is not optimal as I won’t be able to export the CMS database/it could change my code.

The general consensus I’ve read was to just create a static website and hook up after exporting.

What would be the best way to prepare a static website for a database after export?


P.S my read-only website is not too relevant to this and I’d prefer to keep it hidden for now

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