Help, Java and serverside rendering

I have lots of content on certain pages under an interaction, like Faq and some pop-ups that reveal more content. I did this to hide the content so the webpage is not scrolling to infinity. However I noticed, these are rendering client side which means Google won’t read it.

So I ended up with a Js heavy site: What did I do wrong?

Example page with Faq at the bottom:

How can I make the google read it? How can I make the content of the Js is loaded into the html?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Google can read and index JavaScript just fine. There can be issues but more often they are related to the content generated itself.

But if the content is not there until clicked, and rendered by client, how can Google read it?

Google’s web crawler, also known as Googlebot, can execute JavaScript code on web pages, including clicking on elements, and therefore can theoretically access content that is only available after a user interaction.

However, it is important to note that Googlebot has limitations when it comes to rendering JavaScript, and it may not always be able to access all the content on a page that requires user interaction.

To ensure that your content is visible to Googlebot, it is recommended to follow best practices for JavaScript SEO, such as providing clear and descriptive content, avoiding complex JavaScript interactions, and using server-side rendering where appropriate. Additionally, you can use tools such as the Google Search Console’s URL inspection tool to see how Googlebot is rendering your pages and troubleshoot any issues

Thank you, just made a test via Google mobile friendly test, the html looks like is there

I don’t know if Google inspection tool does same inspection but I can see the content in html. İ guess it means Google reads it?