How do I server-side render my website?

Hi there,

I was looking at getting some help with an SEO campaign and they audited our site, for us. Their main issue was that Google wasn’t crawling our site properly due to loading interference.

See below their comments:

“A solution to this is called server side rendering. This means that your website is rendered at the server rather than the client. So rather than Google trying to render the site ‘on demand’ when it is requested on the client side, it has been rendered at the server. So when a client requests the site, you deliver a pre-rendered version, requiring fewer resources on Google’s behalf to try and figure out the Javascript.
This is a big one to fix, especially for an SEO campaign. We can do so much for a website, but if Google is not seeing the site, on a fundamental level, our work is ineffective”

Does anyone have any experience with this and how I may be able to fix it?



Your Webflow CMS website is already rendered at server side. It’s also sometimes called “published as flat”. the benefits are the same for you than for Webflow. Faster to load for you, less demanding on server time for Webflow.

I f you inspect a Webflow site with an extension like Wappalyzer, you’ll see a caching technology listed: Varnish. That’s it.

The varnish doesn’t happen immediately after publishing. So the first person to load the pages may experience longer loading time. Browse the pages after publish before giving your clients a go, it seems it’s creating the cached pages for sure.

I don’t think that’s true. I’m using javascript to change image alt attributes but SEO crawlers aren’t seeing the javascript result even though my browser shows the script ran properly. The javascript is not being rendered.