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Hello Communcity,

I have some questions concerning my Mobile Page speed according to google page Speed insights. Please no comments about the page Speed itself as its very important for your SEO and my site has currently a score of 60 and clear indicators why its slow and I wonder if there are some hacks to improve them especially when knowing that webflow recently made some updates recently but wonder why I don’t see any impact.

1.: Google Maps integration via API call: I’ve integrated it via Webflow integrated API Key etc etc. Search Console says that googlebot blocked by [robots.txt] . My robots.txt and Sitemap should be fine. I’ve checked the follow video by John mueller from Google timestamp 46:06 English Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout - YouTube

But don’t get the information. The Maps Content is important for Local SEO and if Google cannot read the Content what can I do here. Seems like other users don’t have that issue.

  1. Page Speed slow due to Google Maps JS. I wonder if I can defer the Loading of the the Maps API Call since the map is at the bottom of my page.

  2. Elf Sight What App integration seems to slow down the page Speed. can I also defer / delay the JS here?

  3. Custom Fonts: I have Custom Font integrated and I know that Webflow made a recent update to load a default font first to not slow down loading time for loading custom fonts. BUT Search Console and Page Speed insights is saying that it still loads too long. I found a recommendation to implement a fix for default fonts here : 3 tips for optimizing a Webflow sites Google PageSpeed score

Is this still valid?

  1. Images: Webflow provides Lazy Load for Images (all activated) so I wonder if the hack provided in that article above is outdated?

  2. Minify JS: Is activated in Webflow but Page Speed is still referring to reduce / compress Javascript (react).

So over all I believe my biggest problems for now are:

  • Google Maps call is slowing down site speed => possibility to defer the loading?
  • Maps is blocked by robots txt.
  • Defer Elf-Signt Javascript
  • Custom Google Fonts loading to slow. (Default Fonts)

I´m not a developer so help is very appreciated.

Many Thanks

Here is my site Read-Only:

Quick things I would consider.
Find a comparable website that has a map api and do the same test.
Consider doing an embed link its free.
Also use a much better benchmark tool and when you get the issues sorted on that, then go to page speed insights.

Update on my side: mI did manage to bring down page speed by simply using the maps Iframe for the integration. Still the Google Bot is not crawling the map but this seems to be a general problem by google which I found in a Video from Jon Müller referring to this issue. Thanks for the hint IDatus

Thanks for the update.
Man does it take an age for google to actually read your page. I posted a newer version of my website over a week ago an nothing so far.
It annoys me that I have 100% on all tests and yet just searching for 3 words off my seo part and nothing.

Yes - it takes unfortunetaly ages since google switched off the feature to push the bot on your site for initiale crawling within the search console. So many factors google considers but since your page speed is up - your basis is settled.

My project has a speed of 70% and solid content and I only have around 40 Keyword ranking on page 5-7 after releasing 5 month ago. So very very slowly with a new domain. I think the biggest part for a fresh domain are backlinks. Which is a pain in the ass …

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I messed with google search and bing webmaster.
I am still a gassed how they have really old content, I have update my pages, seo, page content which will make a huge (well I would think so) difference.
I clicked the inspect live url, reindex and so on.
I see what happens.
To get the scores I have has taken a huge amount of time and learning, so it should pump up the stats else why bother. I will update if I get any.
You can PM me in webflow if you want to chat some more on this