Help! Image In Website Often Times Not Loading


A while ago most of the images/videos on the site that I created using Webflow tend to load really slowly or often times not at all. Apparently, it was working as per normal and just two days ago before this issue surfaced. Does anyone have any answers for this?

Regards TJ

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Hey I’m having the exact same issue as well… I’ve searched high and low for whichever solution but my website just wouldn’t load. I’m still waiting for webflow to get back to me but honestly this issue is going to cause lots of problems and money for various users if it doesn’t get resolved.

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Hi Serbastian, ya it only happened recently and it’s causing me lots of problems as well :x.

it seems like your website is very slow. This comes from a lot of animations, big files and cluttered classes.

As you can see in the screenshots your images are not in nextGen Format (WebP). You can use Webflows Compress IM+mage function which you can find in the Asset library.

You’re also using a lot of images as background instead of image format. This tells the browser that the image is just decoration and not important to the design. If the image affects the loading speed the browser will sometimes load the image later if at all.

To solve your problem:

  • Compress all images
  • Use Image Elements instead of Background Images
  • Check back on

This is not a Webflow issue. Your Hero Video alone is 11MB. You want to shoot for a total max of 1MB better less than that.

Hope this helps

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Hi Julian,

thanks a lot for the solution. Will proceed to make the changes.