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Problems with slide images loading

Hi - sure this is very basic (I am a very much a learner here!), but my three images in my slide don’t load immediately correctly on my slide (one out of order and tiled).

It is just a temporary problem, the images sort themselves out once fully loaded and the user has clicked through a couple of times.

With thanks


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Hello and Welcome!

This is a simple fix :slight_smile:
You’re slowing things down. The first .jpg in your slider is 1.24mb and the second is 2.96mb.
Use something like (a free compression tool)
Leave the max width/height at the default settings on, upload your image and compress it.

Replace your current images with the compressed images. This should fix your issue. Also, make sure whatever is in the background of your slider (showing up before your images load) is removed unless it’s necessary.

Make sure any images/video you upload to your site are optimized and compressed. For background videos, I like to use

This should speed everything up for you :slight_smile:

  • Scott

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