HELP...I purchased a Core Plan after Beta creation on a Free Plan

So I started off on a WF free starter site to build a beta site before I committed to purchasing a CORE plan…,

Now I’ve got my site almost ready and it appears I am still in the FREE mode and not the CORE plan which I already Paid two months for…How do I transfer this site from a Free Plan to the CORE plan?

I’ve searched and cannot find out how to do this.

I need to do this because I am only able to build out my site to 5 pages and I want to add another and I can’t because the site I developed is still on the FREE portal and won’t let me accomplish this till I am on a upgraded plan, which I have but I can’t figure out how to transfer it so I can actually USE my CORE plan and it’s features…

Any help ASAP would be great appreciated!



Hey Jett, read up on the differences between Workspace Plans and Site Plans, they’re very different things.

Here’s a guide illustrating some of the differences;

Webflow’s added some lessons as well to help clarify their pricing page.

A core plan is a workspace plan. It lets you develop a bunch of sites, but those sites are not hosted until you buy a site plan for each of them based on what you want each of them to do.

If you are on the Starter workspace plan, and your site is on a Starter site plan, you are limited to 2 static pages. That configuration is just for trying out Webflow’s designer.

If you have paid for a Core workspace plan, you can build up to 10 sites with as many pages as you want, and then setup a site-specific hosting plan when they’re ready to go live.

A “5 pages limit” isn’t a thing anywhere I’ve seen.

You don’t “transfer” workspace plans. You might check that you didn’t accidentally create two different workspaces? If you did, and your site is in the wrong workspace you may need to transfer your site to the correct workspace which has your core plan.

If you’re still confused, or purchased the wrong thing, Webflow’s support is good at ironing that out.

Thanks for the feedback but when I went over this advice and I returned to the site I had built out and tried to check and see if there “wasn’t” a page limit…I got this when I tried adding an additional page…am I doing something wrong here because WF is a good app but man when it comes to easy things, its like an enigma…

I’ve included a screenshot of what I am getting as a prompt when I try to create or duplicate a page…

If you can help me clear this up, I’d be extremely grateful…

Most likely the site or template was built on a paid workspace originally, or was hosted, and then the plan was changed. That won’t delete your 3 extra pages, but would prevent you from creating more, since you’re over the 2 page max.

Wait so you are saying I only paid for a platform to build a site? Meh? Then I must buy plan to host and publish a site on top of that? Then why am I only allowed a 5 page build out when I am using the CORE platform if true?

Here is a screen shot of my workspace…could you inform me, while I am waiting on a Webflow tech support to answer my email, which one of these is the free Basic one and which one is the CORE plan I paid $19.00 for hosting three site for the past 3 months?

The site that reads basic in the site image is my 2 page…the other two are five page built out sites…

How do I transfer the five page build out site to the CORE plan that I’ve been paying for three months?

Because this interface to me is, terrible and not clear where my CORE plan sites are kept…

And when I open each 5 page site to add a page or begin trying to connect it to a URL I have had parked with Network Solutions, I get that I have to upgrade and I know for a fact I don’t have to upgrade…

This is my billing and my Workspace…Where is a folder for my CORE plan or where do I transfer the 5 page site to access this plan? Like I’ve stated, it appears my 5 page built out site is acting like I am on a free starter plan when I’ve already paid for a CORE site plan.

Sorry about all this…Much better if WF had a real live tech support instead of communities and bots…I could have had this done by now.



I get it now, but how do I take this basic site and transfer it to a CORE workspace that I paid for so I can add another page? Because its only allowing me 5 pages and no more…


This is the way to go.

You’re not on a core workspace. It looks like you do have a paid site plan. If it’s still active, and on the right site, you’ll have 150 pages.

I can’t tell you anything more than that, since no one in the community can access your workspace. Check your settings, and where your site plans are applied. If you’re confused or messed something up or you think you have it right but it’s not working as expected… contact support. They can help you, we can’t.

Thanks friend have a great rest of your summer!