Upgraded to wrong plan and now Webflow wants to charge me double

Please excuse me if this is the incorrect category. Please help. (New at this.) I just accidentally upgraded to Core when I needed to get Freelancer - more espresso please. Sales has not responded. I just wanted to change to Freelancer, but the system wants to charge me again. Am I stuck until sales eventually answers. Do I have to double pay? :frowning:


I hope you get a reply or a cure for your issue.
Because, I too have a billing issue that WF hasn’t resolved.
I paid for a Basic Site Plan but can’t add more than 2 staging sites nor more than 2 pages on either of those sites.
This is what I get when trying to delete my account.

WF leaves a LOT to b desired when it comes to Support. Especially support for billing issues.

Hi again,
Additional Info. I have paid for Core and then paid for Freelancer assuming that could convert the plan. However, my site still remains on the Starter plan. Has anyone seen this before.
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I have a load of pages and all I did was find a template with the most pages and start from there. Kind of a hack but it worked great. :slight_smile:

Interesting! A course at LinkedIn Learning suggests that ‘hack-a-round’. :blush:

Starter is two sites only, but I found I could load other template in the second site, copy sections, and then past into my main site. It saved me a lot of time.

Yes! But I have a Basic Plan (paid) which entitles me to more than 2 pages and sites.
I have ONE site with multiple pages. But when I try to add another site, it shows up as a Starter Site and then of course it only allows two pages.

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They have tightened down over the last few years. All I can say is look through the templates and get the most extensive one you can find. Create a site from that template and work form there. Make sure you do not delete any pages or your will not get it back. Just use the existing pages from the template and modify them every time you need another page. At least that worked for me. i have 22 pages.

I used a free template. Not sure they have them any more.