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HELP: Emergency! My webflow account and my sites are not working

Hi, Webflow team,

My webflow account registered on isn’t working.

I’m trying to login but it refreshes the welcome Webflow page. My site isn’t working.

Check it out please!

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Our business is losing money right now…

Thank you in advance.

Can someone from support PLEASE reply to this??
There should really be some kind of emergency chat or phone line to call for such insane events? What’s going on? It’s taking too long to hear back from anyone, and nobody alerted me that the site was down? Nothing from webflow, this is shocking and deeply concerning.

Did you contact

Yes I have contacted them across all channels and have yet to receive a reply. This is deeply concerning that they don’t have emergency support available. I am absolutely shocked at how little concern there is for outlier situations here.

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@WebDev_Brandon , @magicmark can you help him out?

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Much thanks @ElviraNL - I also just reached out to them on twitter and got a fast response from Sean Page and @bgarrant


Thank you all - this is now resolved. Someone was promoting my website via email spam and it caused a takedown of my website. I have now completely blocked them and all other possible spammers from this activity to ensure this does not happen again.

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