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Emergency! [PRIORITY HELP] My webflow account and my sites are not working

Hi, Webflow team,

My webflow account registered on isn’t working.

I’m trying to login but it refreshes the welcome Webflow page. My site isn’t working.

Check it out please!

Taged @PixelGeek for sure.

Our business loosing money right now…

Thank you in advance.

Hey Gregory,
I hope the team will help ASAP.

In the meantime, I would try to login without the capital T in your email.

thanks, but it seems to be a problem with webflow hosting or smth else.
Can’t login to my account and my site doesn’t working too.

Have you sent an email to the support?
@Waldo @Brando

Yes, still no answer… Waiting for help.

Probably because of the weekend. Have you tried emailing support?

Yes, already emailed.
That’s absolutely insane! 404 error on our site ( during 24 hours! Can’t reach my Webflow account.

Yeah, that’s really unfortunate! I’m really sorry that’s happened to you! I know you’ll get a response soon, although I know with something like this it’s never soon enough! The Webflow support is fantastic actually so I know they will get you back up and running asap! My fingers are crossed for you!

Thanks, @Noah-R
Using webflow for last 4 years for my several projects. is a commercial project and my main business…

This is really big deal!
Btw, looks like it’s a bug with webflow account. I know the password, but I’ve tried to reset it. Reset password page shows that webflow data base has no account with email but this is a bug.

Ugh, that’s scary! I mean the fact that it’s not recognized. I hope they see this soon! It’s been posted in more places than just here on the forum by @avivtech so let’s wait just a bit longer. Hang in there!


By the way your site works fine for me. Could it be a problem with roskomnadzor or whatever it’s called? We had guys from Russia who couldn’t access their sites because of the carpet blocking by this idiotic organisation.

Dave from Webflow has already contacted me.
My account was unpublished because of DMCA issue which we thought should be satisfied. Thanks @webflow and community for your help.


Awesome. Glad everything was resolved for you! :muscle:

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