Help - Burger menu nav in mobile view!


I’ve got my burger menu interaction working on tablet and mobile view.

However, there are a couple of issues:

1: I can access the menu page by swiping left as well as pressing on the burger icon. I want the menu page to only be accessible when pressing the burger menu, you shouldnt be able to slide to the page at all. Please see example below:

This is mid slide. This shouldn’t happen.

2: When in tablet and mobile view, on some pages can scroll down and reveal the pages underneath. Please see example below:

This is on the how we work page, you shouldn’t be able to scroll down and reveal the page below. You should only be able to see the menu:

Pulling my hair out. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hello, can you please share the ready-only link of your project? That will help forum users to play with it to solve your problems.

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here’s the links

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Hi @rich_jc_w it seems your problems have been solved. It’s working fine on the live website now.
But I found that the menu is not opening on the small screen sizes in the webflow designer link. Is it? What’s the current status on this website/issues?