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Interactions disappearing in mobile view? Help much needed

Hey guys,

I have a couple of animations/interactions that just arn’t showing up in mobile view on my about page.

1: It has numbers that dictate which page you are on (these change on scroll).
2: it has a page title indicator in the bottom left corner (these also change on scroll).

You can see these working in tablet and desktop versions.

Both of these arn’t working when I preview the website on mobile. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I am using a full page snap scroll (using fullpage.js).

All the animations are set to trigger across all devices and they work great on Desktop / Tablet. 'm bemused.

Bonus question: How the hell do I get the arrow on the first page to anchor down to the second page on click.

Here’s the links:

Desperate for some help on this if someone could be hero!


Surely someone has the skills to help me nail this!

Are you looking at the published site? because we can’t preview custom JS in the preview - we need to see the published site…

Also post the link to your published site so we can have a look there as well…

You can use a simple link with an anchor if you used the fullPage.js anchors option.
More info in the fullpage.js docs in the section Creating links to sections and slides.

Regarding the animations, try using the fullpage.js option scrollBar:true on the initialisation.