Mobile menu not appearing

Hi all,

I am still a newbie to Webflow and design in general - so I apologize in advance for the extra hand-holding I might need.

I’m desperately trying to figure out what is going wrong with my navigation.

I feel like I’ve got it to a good place on desktop view with how I want it to look and behave (full navigation with logo, nav links, and a visible burger menu that pops out to a side menu)

But whenever I switch to tablet or mobile view, everything on the nav bar beside the logo disappears. I checked to make sure the display is not set to ‘none’, and there doesn’t seem to be any interactions that are causing it to disappear.

Can someone PLEASE help me figure out where I’m going wrong?

Ultimately I would just like the logo and burger menu (with pop out side nav) to be shown on tablet view and smaller.

link is below


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There are a lot of menus in this menu. I would remove the present nav and replace it by a standard nav and then rebuild it!

Hi, thanks for the reply.
Even if I rebuild the menu though it still isn’t solving the issue of the burger button not appearing on tablet/mobile view.

Do you know what could be causing the issue?

thanks in advance

There are a ton off interactions, so it’s hard to see what’s what. I presume this is a template?
Is there a help desk for this template? Maybe they can help you with this?