Transfer site with Active Hosting to different Account

Good evening Webflowers,

I’ve been a Webflow designer for the past several years through a company that I am a part of. However, the business and I are moving in different directions - so as a result, I’m tying up loose ends. Throughout the past 3 years, we’ve designed a number of websites, several of which still contain active hosting plans being managed through our Teams account. Since we will be shutting down a number of our operations through this business entity, I need to make sure that my previous clients are being taken care of throughout the transition.

My plan of action is to transfer each client’s site to them, then invite myself as a Manger (new Webflow feature) under my new account so that I can still manage/update if needed, the only difference being that the site is now owed by the client. I know that I’m not the first person who’s tried to copy a site to a different account - there are several other forum posts and documentation on how to transfer a site. However, as I’m sure several before me have noticed, you cannot transfer a site that has an active hosting plan. You would need to downgrade the site in order to transfer to the new account.
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Additionally, it states on the hosting support page that a site plan can only be transferred between sites located on the same Workspace. So transferring a site between accounts would not work in this scenario.

My concern is that since there are a handful of sites with active site plans, I will not be able to reimburse/prorate the remaining hosting to the client’s site once it has been transferred to their new accounts. If I were to temporarily downgrade the sites for transferring purposes to the client’s accounts, would Webflow honor the remaining time that they had left on their active hosting plans? For example, we have a site that is scheduled to renew in June, but we need to get it transferred before that. Given that Webflow client billing is being out phased anyways, it does not seem like a problem that only I will be facing.

I’ve tried searching throughout the forums, but have had a hard time finding any clear cut answers. Any assistance from the community or advice from a team member at Webflow would be appreciated. I would just like to have an understanding of how the transition and reimbursement will take place that way I can properly communicate to our clients regarding the future of their website hosting.

Many thanks!

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I think you might need to Duplicate the site first and then transfer that. I have the same issue you wrote about and going to try duplicating it now to see if that works.

YES it worked! Duplicate the site you want to transfer and then try. You’ll have to “Trash” the DNS you have set up but as long as you have access to your domain account the process of adding the domain is seemless. All the best!