Anyone here tried StackHive? (what appears to be a Webflow clone)

Played around with it for a bit today. It is virtually a like for like clone of Webflow, but with all the added features a lot of us have been asking for, such as live code editing, tablet landscape mode!, tables support, file upload, built in font icon support, progress bars, collapsible elements and more.

The UI is a little clunky, not as nice as Webflow, also quite slow to load certain elements.
It does allow importing sites directly into your dashboard (including Webflow generated sites), and also direct code import.

A lot of discussion on PH about this being a blatant rip off of Webflow.

Would do u guys think??

Wow, it’s actually pretty impressive. Theres a video demo here: StackHive Sneek Peek - YouTube

I would worry about copyright infringement if i were them. Especially with the styles pane and nested styles representation. It is almost identical. I wonder if it’s as stable across all browsers though.

I also see nothing that is similar to the power of interactions.

This is kind of what I hope webflow will be very soon. Assets manager is a nice touch. I wonder if they have a cms based system for dynamic content.

@shapiro has been talking to the developers on twitter about the blatant ripoffs. He posted this image:
Kind of insane!

The keygen stuff on his desktop makes it even more trustworthy (min 6:39 in the video) :smile:


They have Tables and many features Webflow have shy away from for a long time. Just hope their price structure will be better.

Even their home page is a decent rip off of Webflows with the screens sliding in from the sides. Lessons of a startup. Gotta move fast before someone else copies you. …but I sure would like to see Webflow implement some of those features… i.e asset manager, tablet horizontal, code editor etc…

…And i just noticed the Webflow folder on the desktop… and i wonder what “flow5” could be… crazy…

Disgruntled Webflow employee maybe?

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this looks like a future “Exhibit A”

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Nice find guys. These guys are a real class act, eh? According to their CEO, they’ve never heard of Webflow… go figure :-\


their shitty about page even describes them as “Developer/Hacker”
Epic photos too

Really? That’s his photo next to the webflow folder!

It’s a coincidence of cosmic proportions :wink:


u gotta read the comments on the PH product posts page.

never heard of Webflow my ass!

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Tried it out for the sake of amusing myself - it’s SO slow, takes forever just to open, clunky, like taking webflow and de-sexifying it - the only thing theyve sort of done right is an html5 video widget, font icon widget, and asset manager - the first two of which didn’t even work. Shameless copycatting :confused:

Not going to lie though, the code access & asset manager is pretty slick :wink: Just sayin… Hope the Webflow team “borrows” that right back from them, haha…


I thought I’d try it just to see what it is, but the site is so slow that Valve might release Half-Life 3 before it finishes loading and starts working. Webflow has lots of real advantages (one of them being it actually works properly), and I think the only feature that StackHive has and Webflow doesn’t (yet) have is the code editor. Also, the interface looks terrible. Just like @jaidenraleach said:


Exhibit what? For an Indian company? You must be kidding me. Those guys don’t give a ***t about all that, as long as their people can afford it. No more capital flight from India. That is their mentality. I signed up and tried the product out. It looks and feels “fakish”.

My advise to Webflow; please listen to your users more by adding the right features, (FTP/SFTP, webflow file format(.WF) title and tooltip on the fly in the setting tab (See Adobe Muse), tables, code view, video widget, animation with jquery fallbacks and more) review your pricing structure and continue to build a wonderful, working product.

Ignore the copycatting indians, that product is meant for the indians, trust me. We all know it is going to be full of bugs. It is their nature.


Well I was joking, but not for the reasons you think. International IP lawsuits are more commonplace today as opposed to a decade ago. Off the top of my head, I can direct you to a current case, Vringo vs ZTE India, where vringo won an injunction in India (though Stackhive is Singapore). However it wouldn’t make financial sense for webflow to pursure any legal action since it is quite expensive.

Much for the copycats… but the truth of the matter is if webflow is going to be the leader in this industry, they must own up to it. This is a hot-seat signal for webflow. An innovative competitor don’t have to steal your files to make a better version of your product. All they need to do is just to sign up and study the platform, what users are asking for which they are not getting and zoom they go.
Your interface will not even have the same organization if they know what they are doing. As the saying goes, no one owns the web and no authority will patent colors and codes on the internet. If they do, You just waste your money.

I don’t have doubts that if stackhive have been faster and UI splendid, most of us will go for it because of the features that are not present in webflow. Don’t get me wrong, I am a loyal customer. But only to a loyal service provider that helps solve my problems and adds value…

Theirs is even built on bootstrap 3 which means i can export or integrate it with Joomla and other bootstrap based CMS. This is a very big value knockout.

Business is at the speed of light, If I cannot keep up to my clients request, I risk losing them to another competitor.


Value add is the only way you can win them hands down. Not by any costly and stressful lawsuit.

Straight from the heart.


I know you are joking. Yeah I remember now, they are a Singapore company. Notorious for that too. Adobe had to ban Singapore during the early days of adobe creative cloud.

Thanks for all of your comments and suggestion guys! We’re definitely listening to you. There’s a lot of features we want to build in Webflow, including many of the ones you mentioned above. There are a lot of good reasons why we haven’t yet implemented some of the requested features you guys mentioned. I’ll just include one big reason in a hopefully not-too-vague way.

When we started Webflow we asked ourselves, what kind of problem do we want to solve with this company? We didn’t want to just build a web design tool that helped with one part of the web design workflow. We wanted to build something that would change web designer’s lives and change the web design industry. (Yeah I know it’s an ambitious goal, but it’s more fun to work on something with a big vision) With our limited resources we have to make hard choices along the way, which means choosing what features to invest in and which ones to hold off on. Some of the features mentioned above are ones we decided to hold off on for now until we build the foundation of Webflow. We’re working on building a company and product with long term focus. We could go the route of implementing every feature request as fast as we could without thinking about the things I mentioned above, but we learned that this way of working only leads to bad overall experience and only short term gains.

So I hope you guys understand that we’re here to build the best damn web design tool out there. It’ll take some time to get it right, but we’re getting there. Thanks for supporting us and sticking with us. :beers: