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Has anyone tried the Udesly Webflow to Jamstack adapter?

I would need to create a few small sites that are so small that I don’t feel like the Webflow CMS hosting package justify the cost for these ones. So I did some research and found the Udesly Webflow to Jamstack adapter, which would be the perfect solution for me. I just can’t find very much information about it online, maybe since it’s so new. So…

Has anyone tried the adapter and how did you feel about it? Does it export everything correctly?

I read that they’re using 11ty as the main static site generator. I’m not too familiar with it, so is it easy to work with? Do you write content in markdown as other static site generators?

Thank you :pray:

Works for me. You should try it out to see if the workflow meets your expectations.
Jamstack?! | Jamstack | Udesly Docs

11ty is an awesome product. I won’t go into it here since there is plenty already online.

Overview | Eleventy, a simpler static site generator. (

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Hey, oh there were docs available for it. I didn’t even see that. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I’ve used udesly on one my projects, and the main reason for it was as you mentioned webflow’s high hosting price. Some projects are so small that you can’t ask the client to pay that much for a static site. Also one of the other main reasons to go this route is to use netlify cms instead of webflow cms. My client was a NGO and they wanted a quality website with regular content updates, but they didn’t have the budget to go with the webflow cms plan. So I used udesly to convert the webflow project to a 11ty project and did a little bit of configuration to work well with netlify cms. It took me some time to figure out how to do things. The only documentation I went through was the netlify cms docs and not the 11ty docs. After that I published the site to netlify and followed the udesly docs for activating netlify cms and everything works fine. It took some time to figure things out but everything works now as expected. Quick tip if you need you can also use finsweet cms library to do great things to your webflow cms collections which also works on this udesly plugin.

Hi Jeff!

Excuse me for a dumb question but what’s the difference between using Udesly and 11ty?

@GeorgyDesign - Udesly has a script and process that converts a Webflow site to 11ty for example. Something that can be done manually with lots of effort.

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Thanks for the reply!