Anyone use Udesly to convert Webflow to Wordpress?

There aren’t many reviews so thought I’d see if anyone here has used it.



Yes! I’m using it to create a woocommerce site, it’s been relatively easy and had a lot of support from the forum. Its not 100% but you can check my progress in: its a test url :smiley:

It looks like an interesting tool and I’ve previously watched Ran’s video about it. Haven’t tried it myself yet. I’m a bit worried about the code quality and the overall quality of the WordPress theme.

I’m also curious what the Webflow team thinks about this tool? They might not be to keen on something like that, as it’s potentially reducing the amount of money they can make by selling their hosting plans?

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I’ve just found Udesly ( today— got the 7-day free trial, installed and converted a previous webflow site. Having done Wordpress theme conversions manually, this was refreshing.

My initial observations:

  1. Worked well and quickly on my basic website. The workflow is: export code from Webflow, open Udesly app (local, on your machine), convert to (in my case Wordpress) theme via a hosted service and download to local, install new Wordpress shell, add Udesly plugins (free), install new theme. At the time of installation, you can also have it install your page content.
  2. Will confuse some Wordpress users, because the page content cannot be edited via the usual backend Wordpress page editor. Udesly provides a proprietary front-end editor that will actually be easier for newbs (which is most clients, in my experience) because it’s WYSIWYG. I tested it and it’s pretty simple to use for typical edits.
  3. Clients who want to modify site design will have trouble– it’s not as reconfigurable as the Wordpress back-end or other front-end editors like Divi. On the other hand, it’s at least as functional as the Webflow client editor.

Webflow should be happy about this because anything that makes Webflow more usable for designers and developers will improve revenue. I have both hosted and exported sites-- if Webflow ever drops the ability to export, I will have no further use for the platform.

I like that Udesly strips some of the Webflow scripts (at least gives the option), but I’m still wondering if that will break anything.

Potential problems: forms, WordPress plugin compatibility.
Positives: Sites continue to work long after your Webflow and Udesly subscriptions have ended. And it’s REALLY FAST.


You can use the new Webflow Wordpress plugin now:

Hi, any update on your website and the udesly adapter?

What about woocomerce?

Anyone used this with Shopify?

Anyone know if Shopify apps would work with an exported udesly shopify theme from Webflow?

I have been using it and i have to make a BIG WARNING:

This adapter has A LOT of bugs!

especially the frontend editor is very sensitive and shows a lot of unexpected behaviors.

Proceed with caution and dont use this with important clients!