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Webflow + Udesly + Shopify

Does anyone have/know of any Shopify websites made with the Udesly adapter that allows Webflow sites to be converted into Shopify themes?

I haven’t seen many and am curious as to how it worked out. Udesly has a cloneable template for people to use with custom div attributes already set up. Wanted to see some work before I dove into it.

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Wanted to see if anyone has any insight? Would love to see some Webflow designed Shopify websites that have been ported over with the Udesly adapter.

Thanks in advance

Also curious about this


Also curious about it

any updates? ive been having to look at this route as well.

Any updates on this?

Has there seriously not been ANY shopify themes created in udesly yet?

Does anyone know if it even works? Anyone know if there are any limitations to the design? Do you design the cart/basket as well? Do interactions carry over?

Can anyone guess whether if you created a theme for shopify in Webflow and ported it over to shopify… whether shopify apps would work?

Thanks all! Hoping for some replies…

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@JTL It’s pretty Crazy I can’t seem to find any live examples either. Even the example site on the UDESLY showcase page isn’t working…

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I’m also interested in seeing some real shopify templates made with Udesly.

Hey all,

I too was unable to find any and eventually took the plunge to make this

We’re still working on aspects of it as it is a side project, however, it’s starting to take shape. The Udesly adapter works, it’s a pain to keep making updates in Webflow, converting w adapter and then uploading theme to Shopify.


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Nice site! Do you think it’s worth the trouble? How is the CMS side on shopify ? Does it function as it should?

Im currently working with the udesly adapter, I wouldn’t recommend using Shopify and Udesly unless you‘re familiar with Shopify‘s templating language „Liquid“ as there needs to be heavy customization done to have a good shop with filter functions etc. on the other hand I can recommend udesly with woocomerce or as whole Wordpress site if the customer wants to use Wordpress as their cms. Most interactions should carry over as it simply needs to have jquery avalaible for that. In Wordpress you also have many plugins available to use and udesly documentation for Woocommerce and Wordpress is way better. What I’m more worried about is that udesly might one day drop support for their Adapter and close the business, as it might break functionality of the udesly Adapter installed in WordPress.
If you want to know more you can get in touch with me to know more about it.

It took a little while to get comfortable with, but afterwards it was easy.

We’ve used Shopify for a few years now, and being able to make our own websites without following that standard Shopify template (you can always spot a Shopify store by it’s looks) has been huge.

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I’m not positive it’s used, but the udesly shopify template has a ghost link to template (that 404s)

Looking at and pages its clearly a shopify site.

That was enough to convince me and I’ve been happy so far.

Hey guys, would love help integrating my webflow code to a shopify theme using Udesly, I seem to have errors with the attributes and can’t find a solution

Hey all,

I have made an entire ecommerce marketplace using Webflow + Udesly + Shopify.

In brief, if you’re looking to build something “easy” it’s great. If you’re looking to do what I did and build a “marketplace” - it’s extremely time consuming, fiddly and requires:

1.) Patience - Each time you have to export, upload to udesly, convert, upload to shopify. Each version change takes between 10-15 minutes and a further 5 minutes on customising the theme. I can promise you, it’ll drive you nuts! n.b. I have uploaded around 40-50 different versions thusfar I am still looking on a solution to make this less painful.

2.) Attributes - To get specific CMS elements to be picked up via Shopify - custom attributes on elements are required. Each have their own values/settings, Udesly has great documentation and the support team are genuinely very helpful HOWEVER, it’s very easy to miss one , = ’ and then you do an upload, it’s missing then problem 1 occurs again.

3.) Shopify Apps - A lot of the Shopify apps are designed for liquid / shopify templates, you will either have to manually install or get the developers of the app to help you. Some will work first time but this is rare and I wouldn’t count on it. You’ll need to incorporate this into your build time IF you’re using apps.

4.) Positives - With all that being said, if you are patient, aren’t able to code (or limited) like myself and like Webflow design - it’s amazing. The udesly team have thought about a number of things to ensure you can pull CMS elements in easily. Once you get your head around udesly attributes, it’s pretty quick.

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My client wants to maintain the website himself. Is it just editing the webflow cms or does he have to go through the entire export process by himself. If that’s the case I can’t recommend this solution to him. For example, what if he wants to change the hero image every 3 weeks. Is this done in shopify or webflow?

This is what we are looking for! Can you send the link to the store… and provide any additional update on your user experience w/ Webflow and Shopify and Udesly?