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Udesly webflow to woo commerce

Has anyone had much luck with using Udesly to convert a webflow site to Wordpress?

I have a client who needs ecommerce for a single product - as it’s a CBD product we can’t use webflow ecommerce as stripe & PayPal are anti-CBD

So sadly we’ve had to turn to Wordpress & woo commerce and I’m attempting to use Udesly to convert the Webflow site, but have found the Udesly tutorials & documentation to be a little sparse.

Anyone created some good, detailed Udesly tutorials yet?

Or…would I be better off using instead?

Hey @Pretty_Lethal_Design,

I have used Udesly and its an emotional rollercoaster, but in the end you can find a way. I considered making a walkthrough because there is a lot of pieces missing from Udesly’s documentation when it comes to appearance on the wordpress site, but I never did because ultimately I don’t plan to do it again, there is always a way with Webflow.

Shoot me an email and I can probably help with some of your Udesly questions and I just dealt with something like this.

IMO, will be an easier route than converting to Wordpress. You could also try, I’m pretty sure they also have a payment gateway that accepts CBD products.

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Thanks for the Snipcart recommendation. Having explored foxy, udesly/woocommerce and Snipcart, I feel Snip is the best fit for my (very) low code skills - plus the tutorial from Pixel Geek was detailed enough to get me going. For me, the tutorials are key!

Hi @Pretty_Lethal_Design.
Josh from Foxy here. We work with multiple high-risk gateway/processor partners. Also, for most use cases, integrating Foxy doesn’t require any coding experience. We’ve got lots of tutorials, have helped hundreds (if not thousands) of Webflow users and back everything up with affordable pricing and friendly support.

We’re here if you need anything: More info here: Webflow |