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Udesly's code quality in comparison to other page builders like Elementor or Divi

Hey Everyone! Have anyone used the Udesly adapter for converting webflow websites to WordPress or other platforms?
I have a simple inquiry. We know that Page Builders like Elementor or Divi increase an extra amount of bad or dummy codes in WordPress. So What about Udesly?
Have anyone tested yet?
We know that webflow always makes quality codes but then if I convert it through a Udesly adapter into a theme, will there be extra bad or dummy codes like other page builders?

If anybody has any prior experience with this issue please share. Thanks in Advance.

There’s extra items for sure - but to be fair I haven’t really noticed much difference in performance between the pages and the Udesly Wordpress pages I’ve compared in the past.

I admit that this was a concern of mine when we started using this tool but it’s turned out to be something that’s barely a consideration now.

Edit: I just did a Pagespeed insights run on a WooCommerce site we’ve been working on recently, and the homepage with about 20 products loaded from WooCommerce, several sets of menus all driven by WP, and all of the other bits that it chucks in, and the score is 95% for mobile and 99% for desktop.

I took this client from an Elementor website which was scoring less than 20% on each.

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Thank you so much for your valuable information. And I have another query,
Can I edit the udesly theme in future by the PHP developers?

You’re welcome.

I’m not sure I fully understand your follow up question…

You can use a plug-in to add PHP snippets in and adjust various items. We use it on that site which uses WP filters to change the text of some thing sim the product page if it’s a certain type of product.

In terms of changing the theme, you can’t really do much else with it. Admittedly I’ve never looked to see if you can add a child theme or something similar, but I’ve never thought about this because I would just export something different from Webflow.

Hopefully there was something useful for you there.