Has anyone actually used Pinegrow to convert a Webflow page to a WP theme?


I have asked about converting a Webflow site to a WP theme before, so apologize for asking this again. But I do have a more specific question(s).

Based of my research it seems that Pinegrow is the best and ‘easiest’ option to convert a Webflow website to a WP theme. However, I even ran into issues when just trying to export my code to Pinegrow. So I haven’t even gotten to actually make the site dynamic since I have issues with getting the static site up and running.

Basically, here are my two issues:

  1. It seems that only my front page/homepage is being activated when exporting my Webflow code to Pinegrow. Then it seems I have to activate each other page individually in Page Settings, to make the other pages ‘active’ in my WP theme is that correct? Then one further issue I run into, is that the navigation doesn’t work at all once I export the code to Pinegrow. It seems like I need to edit each link on each site manually in Pinegrow. Is that correct? Like, for the navbar, I can’t just edit the link in this one instance, I have to edit the links on the same navbar on every page. This seems very time consuming. Am I missing something here to make the navbar work throughout the exported site as it works on Webflow?

  2. Some parts of my site seem not to be exported to Pinegrow. I believe it’s some of my interactions. For example, on each of my pages (about, contact, etc) I have as the first section a full screen div with a background image and some text in the middle that fades in when the page loads. So, for that fade in heading here, I have an interaction with opacity that is set to ‘0’ as initial state and then opacity to ‘100’ as the pages load. In the Pinegrow dashboard everything looks great but when I export it to WP and see the live site, this interatction does not seem to work. The heading is there but I can’t see it fade in, it just stays as opacity ‘0’.

And this issue I have with another few instances. But again, in the Pinegrow dashboard preview window it looks fine.

Has anyone here actually used Pinegrow to convert a Webflow website to a WP theme and can help me with these questions? I also asked these questions in the Pinegrow forum but haven’t gotten any answers there.

Would appreciate any help!

BTW: I also tried to export my code myself, setting up a WP theme manually with index.php, header.php, footer.php etc. But half of my code is not showing up correctly here either…

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Interested to know more too. I have a client that required Wordpress and don’t feel the new pages feature is suitable

Do you have any updates to share? I’m thinking it’s probably best to hire someone to do all this.