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Main Page to export to wordpress

I just need some advice.
Need to make my new website project, I don’t know how really to write code and templates on wordpress you can’t actually really change a lot. I need the page exactly how I design in photoshop. so my plan is to pay a monthly plan here. Make the page, export the code to wordpress, I already pay hostgator. so no need to pay host plan here!!
SO, do you think is easy just to do that?

No, there is no magic way to convert an export to a Wordpress theme without technical knowledge.


Thxs for the advice. I just found Pinegrow that looks like the best option for my needs. do you know this one?

Hi Sirsan,

Indeed you cannot export a Webflow design to Wordpress in a few steps. If you run a quick search over the forums, you’ll find some solutions for this, but all of them involve code or recreating the design in Wordpress, either using a bare bones wordpress theme such as Ultimantum or a WP theme builder such as Divi.

Pinegrow seems the most similar solution in comparison to Webflow, but for most of use that use Webflow for a while now, Pinegrow UI might be a bit overwhelming (at leat this is what I thought after experimenting for a while). Also, please consider that in order to export a template to WP you still need to have a basic understanding about WP loops and template structure.

Why are you trying to export to wordpress, because of the extended functionality pr hosting costs?

Hope you find the best solution for what you’re looking for.

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Really thxs for all the info.
I have some understanding of HTML (basic) and I know very well WordPress. I have some blogs there. But now I need to create this page exactly how I design on photoshop. I already try some WordPress templates even I buy one (complete) similar but is not the same.

I have this domain host on Hostgator already. I want WordPress because is very easy to create a page o just add a widget here or there. even the integration with MailChimp, etc, is very easy and almost automatic for me to do it.

So, you really not recommend Pinegrow? maybe I just need to do everything in webflow and forget about WordPress for this project. :slight_smile: thxs 4 ur time

There are a few things to consider here, mainly functionality and design.
You can easily create custom designs with WP Divi for instance and that would give you the design you are looking for and the power of wordpress.

The big question here is: Are you willing to learn a new way of doing things and/or alternatives? I cannot recommend Pinegrow because I haven’t explore it beyond the basics. It will all depend on what you are looking for.

With Webflow you have the design flexibility plus the animations / interactions that can really improve the UX and a CMS that is super easy for content updates. That comes with a cost (CMS sites have to be hosted with Webflow) and some limitations regarding Wordpress functionality, but with Webflow you don’t have to worry about backups, security and updates, that is all included on your hosting package.

Some integrations might not be automatic and there is a learning curve to it, but if you are not looking for a big project with ecommerce, user logins/user management, booking systems or dealing with a lot of references (categories for instance) I’d definitely recommend Webflow.

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I’m very glad for all the help. I see my options and I just buy WP divi. I will let you know how that went :stuck_out_tongue: txhs very much

As a person who uses Pinegrow often, I would not recommend it if you do not have a working knowledge of PHP. As much as it makes marking up your html easy, you still need a basic understanding of how wordpress theming works.

The pain of learning a new much more complicated language may not beat the ease of use and convenience of hosting with Webflow. For you to be marketable as a designer, you may altogether want to stay away from WYSIWIG editors & frameworks for Wordpress since they will still inject their code and references (easily identifiable by a digital marketing team).

That said, the decision still boils down to the workflow that best suits your needs.


I agree with @AlexManyeki about not using drag and drop builders. I have been down that route on a couple of personal sites and the extensibility should the site grow is poor.

I do like Pinegrow. Alex is correct that a working knowledge of PHP helps but for the most part you can just follow the Pinegrow tutorials and you will be OK.

If you are going to use Pinegrow I would advise setting aside a good few days to follow the tutorials thoroughly and learn how it works. Convert a theme or two using their tutorials.

The interface can be a bit overwhelming at first but once you understand it all you can develop a good workflow for quickly converting a Webflow template to Wordpress.


So. I think for sure I will use webflow for future projects. Now I’m already using divi Wordpress and in a couple of hours you can start making things happened, but you need to learn some css for the details that matter. What do you think? (still under construcción :P)
Thx all of you for all your tips.

Its still too early to give definitive feedback. One thing though, your site takes awfully long to load all resources. I first thought it was a bug but I cleared cache and tested again;

You may want to look into this.