Converting Webflow Page to WordPress


I know this question has been asked a lot and I think I have an idea how I go about it, but just want to make sure there isn’t anything I am missing.

When I create websites for my clients I will try to push them to use Webflow, however, I can def see that some will insist on a WP page. I am pretty good with html, CSS but not so much with PHP and JS. So, I always want to design/create my pages using Webflow and will then have to convert it to WP if a client is requesting that.

From what I read so far there are two ways to go about it if I want to do this myself: Pinegrow or Udesly. (please let me know if there is a better way)

To me it seems like Pinegrow is the better way to go. I know it won’t be an easy/quick thing to do, but I am sure I can figure it out.

My question for this is now, is there anything that won’t convert if I use Pinegrow? Obviously the Webflow CMS will not convert but I guess that is where Pinegrow will help me to create the new WP CMS then.

How about search bars and contact forms? I read that these will not get exported if I export my code in Webflow. Is that the same as when I use Pinegrow to convert my website? Or will Pinegrow ensure everything, including contact forms, will be transferred? If not, would I be able to add to the code to use one of WP contact form plugins?

Would appreciate any help and clarifications a lot :slight_smile:

Best, Jana

You could always try out the Webflow Pages plugin which pretty much lets you (and your clients if they want) work in Webflow, but still retain the possibility to create custom pages and stuff in Wordpress.

Hi Fonsume, thank you for your answer! I did read about the Webflow WP Plugin as well but from what I am understanding is, that then you still need to pay for Webflow hosting. I think - and have read that from many people here - that some clients just want to stick to WP CMS and their own hosting provider. So from that perspective, I believe the Webflow Plugin would not be useful, or am I misunderstanding this?

Thanks, Jana