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Workflow > Webflow or Pinegrow

I don’t see a lot of support w/ Pinegrow to build websites that WOW your audience. I am looking at Webflow because of all the interactivity “USER EXPERIENCE” (animations, hovers, triggers, “cool sh*t” that make you want to scroll through the page again AND/OR revisit. That should be the goal. In my opinion.

I don’t care how it’s coded. :slight_smile: That’s for a programmer to figure out and integrate CMS. but surely Webflow does a great job to churn out some code.

The more I see code, the bigger my headache grows. There seems to be minimal use of custom code in Webflow, which I LOVE!

I have yet to tackle my site but I have a crap theme from ThemeForest that takes FOREVER to load. It’s a long one pager and just regret buying it to begin with. I have to go back and forth on the admin to the front end, edit-review, edit-review, tweak, repeat, it just plain sucks and after hours of work, you see your progress and it makes you want to pull out all of your hairs.

Thanks Webflow team. Great product (looks like) and community. Pine grow could be a good solution for web flow -> WP. or Just go with Webhook.

Be part about Webflow. No more site prototyping with other online software. or attempting to explain functionality/UX to a programmer and all the back and forth.

Just me rambling… Thanks for listening.