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Exporting Webflow project to Wordpress theme

Does anyone have experience with this?

I’m designing a website for a client who needs a member login/and other features that cannot be implemented in Webflow yet. Has anyone ever attempted this before?

I’m currently downloading software called Pinegrow that I stumbled across. Has anyone ever used this? I would like to design the entire website in Webflow, with the exception of Forms and CMS features, obviously. I’ll have to compromise somewhere and just create whatever Forms I need with a plugin.

Were you successful? What are some resources you found that were useful in the process?

Thanks for the help!

Two examples here

I have the content types (Collections) set up nicely in the admin dashboard… custom-coded all these, but you probably could use a plugin

As you can see, the login page is seamless

Also register page with additional custom fields, and mailchimp subscription integration

Registration is mostly for contest/giveaway participation, users also get to have their details auto-filled in such forms

I have pinegrow but I didn’t see any need to use it yet when you can just do it manually by hand if you know what to do and how to do it.

With Pinegrow, you probably also need to have some knowledge of PHP. Read this A new easy way to convert Webflow to Wordpress

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