Guidance on archiving a site with CMS

I have a site with several CMS collections set up. However we soon want to archive this site - as in no more updates to it ever, but retain all the site information and items. Thus we will not need features available with CMS hosting and can have straight-HTML for users to browse. Then I also don’t need to pay for CMS hosting, but can have a much cheaper flat hosting option (even with webflow or just on Google cloud or something like this)

On investigation there seem to be several challenges, and maybe someone can help me determine the best solution based on their own experience:

  1. Code export seems like a fine solution except that it will not export my CMS items, some of which are extensive (100+ items)

  2. Assets like PDFs and images are stored on the webflow cloud and there does not seem to be an easy way to download them in bulk and archive them

As a solution I tried to use a fetch tool (wget) from a command interface. This seems to get most of the content from the CMS collections into flat pages, but does not recurse all the links to the things stored on the webflow cloud (pdfs, images).

Are there other options I could explore for archiving this content?

Thanks in advance!