Making a site containing collections working offline. Is it possible?

I have a project where the client needs a offline version of a web site in addition to the online version. The problem is that the site use a lot of collections, so a simle download of the site structure will not work.

I do not need a functioning CMS-system in the offline version, only the site structure and content that is generated by the collections. Is there a way to download a site containing collections and saving/converting the collection structure and content to static pages that can work without Webflow hosting?

Rebuilding the site with only static pages will be a massive job! :stuck_out_tongue:

Take a look at this topic.

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Thanks for your tip @webdev :slight_smile:
Have tried various site grab’er like sugested in the link. HTTrack seems to give the best result, but its not able to pull pictures from the collections. Will have to try a different approach before I burn too many hours!

Hi , Did you find solution to pull pictures from the collections … I have the same problem …