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Bulk download of CMS content and PDFs

I have a site with several CMS collections set up. However, we soon want to archive this site - as in no more updates to it ever, but retain all the site information and items. Does anyone have any hints/tips on how to bulk export/download all the CMS items, including PDFs and images uploaded the website, so that we can put these in a permanent repository?

Thanks in advance for suggestions!

At this time, you can only download a CSV file of your Collection Data:

As for downloading PDFs in bulk, that isn’t possible at this time.

Thanks Nelson. This would be a nice feature.

In the meantime, for anyone searching and looking for a solution, here is what I did as a work around. I created a simple index page for the CMS items I needed and dropped a link to the PDF directly on the index. Then used a browser plug-in of the “Download all” type, pointed it at my new index page, and instructed it to grab only the PDFs. Produced a nice back-up repository for me.

A work-around for this. Make a page and put all the pictures you want to export in there. Publish.

Now you can use a tool to download all the images, like this one: Download All Images - Chrome Web Store

Now you have a zip file with all the images you need.