Can you export CMS files? (images, pdfs, etc)

I know you can export CMS csv files, but how do you export all the files you’ve uploaded to the CMS? (Staff photos, .pdfs, etc)

(Static site export doesn’t export the CMS content.) My searches on this topic only brought up CSV export.

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I have successfully exported CMS heavy sites off WF via a full code export, and individual Collection CSV’s. For each referenced media asset within the fields or RT HTML, I read the public asset URL, fetched the asset to a local dev environment, and added it to my new CMS. Yes it is a pain but it’s doable. If you were using WP, there are comprehensive import plugins that can do I it for you right into posts or custom post types.

Thanks, there’s really no reason in 2022 that it can’t be automated by Webflow to a zip export. (They could limit exports per week/month according to file count / size if they was concern of abuse.)

There is a massive list of things Webflow could do (wishlist) but simply chooses not to for whatever reason. I would just be happy for support of CSS Variables and being able to use CSS calc in properties. It is almost 2023 and at least there are plenty of viable alternatives if this one does not meet your needs.