Grid tutorial still accurate? Can't "span"

I’m playing with grids and using the tutorial. When I select an image in a grid, I cannot “span” it and drag it so it occupies the grid space under or next to it. When I grab the corner I am forced to stay within the bounds on the grid space. Am I missing a setting somewhere that will enable this?

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Did more searching and it appears to be a bug via Chrome. I used Edge and it worked fine.

What is up with Grid? I can’t consistently get the span to work, even in Edge browser. I can drop an image in a grid section (of a div with an image in it. Set the grid sections to Manual and I’m bound to the grid section it’s in. I had it working for a while on Edge, now, no dice. Am I doing something or is this a bug, or what?

of course right now it worked…what the heck…