Grid settings with single column

I would say that I like the webflow but…
why there is no button for a single column like bootstrap (col-md-12)

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Great suggestion! :smile:

We are still working on our grid system, so this may be part of our framework in the future.

For now, you can use a basic DIV BLOCK and size it however you like.

hope this helps :smile:

Thanks @PixelGeek
I knew about the DIV BLOCKS

Any update on a single column option? :smiley:

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I would also like to request single column. The issue is that content in columns have a nice margin automatically when stacked on shown on small screens. However, I’m having to re-apply overwrites for anything that’s full with and not in multi columns. How easy it would be ifI could chuch this content in a 1-column element!

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