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Custom Grids (ability to add individual grid lines)

I was designing a new clients website and just thought this tool would be really effective in making sure everything is aligned and placed well.

I know we have padding, margins, center, right, left, etc. for current alignment, but I think this would be a great tool for those who are familiar with the Adobe Suites.

A screenshot of what I am referring to is below.

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Yes! Its really strange that webflow haven’t made a better grid system. If webflow is supposed to take “photoshops place as a design tool”, I guess one of the first thing that needs to be in place is a good grid system.

Hope to see it soon webflow :slight_smile:

There’s a few ways to deal with that type of layout, my favorite is using flexbox. In order to grasp layouts better, it helps to start thinking like a front-end developer, and less like an adobe super-user. I really appreciate how webflow hasn’t created arbitrary workflows and proprietary paradigms for creating web designs. They chose to fit their tools to the web standards, instead of forcing users to abstract their thinking like adobe does.

There’s a lot of awesome flexbox layout tutorials on the webflow site and youtube. I made a quick grid example using flexbox that also might be helpful. https://preview.webflow.com/preview/grid-example-9a8aed?preview=8032b36f439231481a4e547935299352

cheers, d.

I don’t work for webflow, but I guarantee you that they have no interest in creating another photoshop. Photoshop is great at editing photos. That’s about it! For fancy vectorized hi-fi graphics, Sketch or Affinity Design is my go-to.

Guess “photoshop” is a wrong statement. It is used for mocking websites, but so is also alot of other program.

I guess the line should be: if webflow wants to be a design tool, it needs a grid system.

But I might be wrong :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s fair to say that webflow isn’t a design tool because it doesn’t have the grid features that you want. A blank sheet of paper is one of the best design tools that ever was, but it doesn’t have a grid unless you draw one on top of it.

Like I demonstrated in my previous example, you can create your own fully editable grid overlays with webflow if necessary.