A better grid system for webflow. Do you want that?

To be able to make webflow a actual design tool I think a good grid system is needed.

Here is some wishes:

  • Full width grid, adjustebal in width
  • Adjust column and gutter width
  • set number of column.
  • set horizontal lines and adjust spacing
  • change color and opacity of all lines and gutter fill. Separately for vertical and horizontal.
  • save different grids setups.

This is what I can think of. If anyone have anything to add, please do! And if you think this is something @webflow need, pleas let them know. Because now they don’t think a grid system is important for a design tool. And I find that strange :slight_smile:

I love grids, I really do, but since I’ve been using flexbox layouts, I don’t really miss not having them on the screen. If you still want to follow a grid system in the browser, you can DIY one with flexbox and colored borders, and keep the grid in the back with z-index. Use the display settings to toggle the grid lines. If you wanna get really fancy, you can even create a show/hide grids button with interactions.

Here’s a quick example - https://preview.webflow.com/preview/grid-example-9a8aed?preview=8032b36f439231481a4e547935299352

cheers, d.


I came across this one, and I love it! :slight_smile: Why didnt I think about that before

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