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Wishes for Design Helpers (golden ratio and messure)

Hi there,

is there a chance to get in future the ability to change the layout grid to a larger size in the designer view?

And to get a messure system?

Another cool thing would be to get golden ratio grid in weblow design view. :slight_smile:

I know for now i can do some workaround with golden ratio images dropping in background but this is not really comfortable.

The 12 collumn grid overlay is cool but not really useful for larger designs. Sorry

Hope i was not too naughty because of my wishes? :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for your awesome work and helping us designers to get a cool and professional online tool with visually design and code websites.



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It’s a frequent request so don’t worry :slight_smile:

I think it’s linked to bringing an extra breakpoint, a larger one around 1200pt. It must not be easy to do, as elements likes Columns and other are designed to take account of the grid.

Hi Vincent,

nice to read and much thank you for your reply.

For sure it is much work to do this, i think. Because it effected a lot of elements (all elements i think) .

Cheers Martin

I haven’t heard any news about it coming one day or soon, though. When you think about it, it’s not like our screens are going to be bigger and bigger. They get higher resolution regularly, but it only increases the density of pixels. Objects pretty much stay at the same size on our screens.

For desktop, we’re at 27-34 inches, with the higher end being the super large and narrow displays (like LG screens), on which you never browse fullscreen of course.

So we really need 1 or 2 more upper breakpoints: passed 1200pt and passed 1600pt. I don’t see how we would need more actually. Maybe we will need a way to distinguish mobile devices from small laptops for the tablet breakpoint, but maybe that’s all.

It’s related to the grid because I don’t see grid and breakpoints being updated independently.

At present time it’s not to difficult to craft an upper breakpoint, or rather, a larger container on the actual desktop breakpoint. But doing so while still wanting to use Webflow’s grid goes from being a nightmare to impossible. What I do most often, is that I keep WF grid, I add 2, 3 or 4 columns on each side, create a gif with it, and apply the new grid to the body. This way in most of the cases, I can continue to use the Container element for some narrower sections or pages, and it still makes sense in my grid. Same for the columns element inside of a container element.

But yeah, like you, I’d prefer to rely on Webflow for this :slight_smile:

You could just create a div, with a max width, a min width, and set the actual width to 100%.

That is the easiest workaround that I know of and you can set your max width to whatever you want.

The largest I have done on a project so far is 1600 and to be honest its not that great. Harder to adjust elements. But as far as grid goes, just set the width to 100% and you can fit anything you want in it.

Hopefully I answered your question, just not sure if that’s the direction you were heading in.

Hi Brandon,

great and much thank you for your reply.

Yes for sure it´s a workaround to create a div and go on like you said. But what i´m looking for is to get a visually Design helping tool like nearly the same like the overlay 12 collumn grid.

For example:

You click on show overlay grid and you see two kinds of choices. Golden Ratio grid, Collumn grid and the chance to get the grid 12 col or 8 or 6 col and last a number field to give the page with it´s grid a size and the grid fits exactly in to it.

Don´t know if this is too hard to implement in webflow but other software have the same like Adobe XD.

Adobe XD has no golden ratio grid but the collumn grid and the chance to change the size of it.

I hope I have not annoyed any developers, because I describe it that way and actually have no idea about the programming.:slight_smile:

So… thanks to all at webflow and best greetings to you Brandon,


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Yes I agree, this would be great. Hopefully more flexibility will be added soon

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