Grid resize handlers not working on small screen


have been testing out the CSS grid and have been trying to figure out how to span the contents within my grids. Working on my 15" laptop screen results in the resize handles not fitting to my content itself but taking up the entire body of the designer layout. So i logged on to a another computer (imac 27’ screen) And all seems to be working correctly there. Anyone else have this quirk?

Thanks for your time

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Yep I’m also not able to resize things in grid, not seeing the resize handles on my 15" mac pro

I evenutally abandoned working on my macbook too to get round the issue.

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Anyone have any intel on when this can be fixed? Tragically I’m just using grid on a client project for the first time and having this issue…

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Is it a little strange Webflow hasn’t gotten back to this? Is there something we’re missing?

Hey @doyourthing and @TheBoyGeniuz,

I’m not able to reproduce the issue on either a 13" macbook or 15" and in the read only link provided I cannot find any Grid elements.

Are you able to share a screen recording of the issue, it will help us debug the issue in question. You can use free of charge.

I’ll be standing by to hear from you.

The collection list is a grid element.

Ah thanks @dram I must have looked with my eyes closed!! :man_facepalming:

The collection list item is what has the span handles when I look, I’m not seeing the same issue as described though.

Hiya, yea so I still can’t get the resizing to work - here’s a Loom showing me trying on the original project to resize the collection item, then on a separate test project just working with non-dynamic elements in a standard grid.

You’ll see that I can resize the image within the same row but not make it span across more than one grid box. The Div element meanwhile does not show resize handles at all.

Let me know if I can clarify anything. Would love to get this sorted.

Share link to the test project (the test page is called Home 2)

same problem with 13" macbook air :frowning:

Hi! I’m new to webflow and appear to be having the same problem. I don’t know if it’s something I’m not understanding or if it’s a bug. Did anyone find a solution? Thanks!

I’m running into the same issue. Using a MacBook Pro 15" Quite frustrating when trying to match tutorials and not able to because of absent drag handles. Would love to see Webflow address this, as I don’t have a larger screen to work on most of the time.

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Hi, @Wyatt_Coe1 and @apdapd!

Which projects are you specifically having issues with? Can you share your read-only links with me so I can jump in and investigate?

We’ll be looking forward to your response so we can help you solve this issue.

Hey, Thanks for responding.

Here’s the read-only link:

This is a new project. I was attempting to follow along with the Freelancer’s Journey tutorial and ran into a wall with this issue on my laptop.

If you look at this screenshot, it appears that the handle is displaying, but down in the lower right-hand corner of the grid (bottom-right corner of the canvas, instead of the corner of the selected div block.

I tried loading this on my dad’s 27" iMac and it didn’t have this issue, so it does appear to be tied to screen size.


Did you get a chance to review this? I’ve since changed the site, so the demo won’t match the above screenshot, but the issue persists if you try to resize any content within the grid. I also noticed that switching grid content from auto-manual or visa versa often results in an error that sets their column/row location to Nan (all boxes).

I just came here looking for a solution, as I have come across the same problem. Working on a windows 14’ inch if that makes a difference.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Webflow?

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