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[BUG] I'm unable to move the grid rows


I’m trying to rearrange my rows in the grid. When I use the “Edit Grid” panel and try to drag them, it doesn’t work. I made a quick video of what I’m trying to do. Any insight on how to rearrange grid rows and columns?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Looks like you want to rearrange grid content by dragging grids themselves. It’s like trying to change element’s bounds in Photoshop by changing your gridlines’ positions. In other words, you have to drag the content in the grid not grid itself. That is if I understood you predicament right.

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Ah. Is it possible to select a grid cell to paste into?

Nope! :smiley:

Yeah, I mean, the grid functionality is not exactly superb as of now but I believe the staff is working on improvements. You have to drag and drop into the necessary cell, copying and pasting will result in content being dumped on top of each other.

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