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Greetings to all webflower I´m new and so Cheeeerrrrsssss

Hi There All,

my name is martin, I´m a graphic and webdesigner from germany near frankfurt. I´m new to this forum. So i say hello to all webflowers doesn´t matter if you are man or woman girl or boy black or white. We all in one place we all nerds of good design and for sure webdesign.

Hope we have all together a good time and if someone have question to me so ask and you will get answere.

nice time for all



Great introduction Martin :slight_smile:

We’re on the sme time zone so I guess I’ll see your questions and answers soon :slight_smile: have a good kickstart with Webflow and the forum!

Vincent(on the french west coast)

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Hi vincent,

nice to meet you here in the forum.
Cool and good to know that you are in my time zone, so theres no need to sit all the night long with a bucket of coffee in my office and wait for answere :smile:


Hi Martin,

Welcome. :slight_smile:


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Hi Teresa,

nice to meet you here in webflow froum.

Have a really nice and sunny time. :sunny:


Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the introduction!

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Hello @grafifontis

Welcome to the family :grin: :webflow_heart:

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Hallo, Wilkommen! :smiley:

Yep, Webflow is for all, wherever you’re from :slight_smile: UK here so not far behind your time zone either.

Any questions I’ll always try and help!
See you in the forum!


Hey Scott,

nice to meet you here… I´m sure we have a good time with webflow and do some great business with it.

Hi Hey and Hello Piter,

thanks for your welcome and for sure we are one family.
Have a great time and i think we met again on some videos from nelson. :-:grinning:

Hi Mark,

ah cool the same time zone. So i did not write in early morning or late night :-:smiley:

Thanks for the great words and that you want to help if there are questions. The same for you from me.

Have a cool and great time

Hi Martin,

cool introduction!
In case you are ever interested in discussing webflow projects in real life or exchanging knowledge, I am also a webdesigner who lives near Frankfurt/Aschaffenburg! :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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Hi Jan,

great and good to know you are from my region. Maybe we could start in future a Webflow (Stammtisch) to discuss some webdesigns and trends or maybe start an online business with webflow. :-):smiley: