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Hello there! Greetings from Germany!

I became a Webflow user recently because of a friend of mine. He really recommended it and what can I say, I am more than just happy with what I can do with it! Thank you, Webflow Team! We, the users, just drag something on the canvas and tweak it and the heavy lifting is done in the background. Back in the - well in this case not so good times - I coded PHP and mySQL by hand and got really frustrated. Now it really makes fun to design and set up a page and that is because of you! The last time I created a page is 10 years ago. Well, actually I am a motion designer. Maybe that is also a reason, why it has been teen years :wink: But I was looking for a tool to set up a website and animate elements on it. And here it is! So thanks again to everybody of the Webflow team and of course everybody of the community here for discussing and helping out.

Best wishes and greetings from Stuttgart



Welcome to the gang @fhoelterhoff :webflow_heart:

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Welcome to the community! :smiley: Can’t wait to see what you build with Webflow.

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Thank you! I am happy to be here! :blush:

Website is in progress :slight_smile: And guess what, I am watching a tutorial from you right now :slight_smile: The basics of site structure :+1:t3:

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