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Hey from Berlin!

Hi everyone!

My name is Alex and I am an Austrian freelance designer based in Berlin. I have been doing Graphic Design for over 8 years and now I am focussing on UX/UI Design.
I started to use Webflow about 2 months ago and right now I am working on finishing my new portfolio with it.

Nice to meet everyone of you! :)))

Cheers, Alex


Welcome Alex! What other tools are you using for UX?

Hey @HammerOz!

Thanks for the welcome!
I am doing my personas, user flows, information architecture and all the wireframes in Figma. :slight_smile:

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Hej Alex, sitting in Friedrichshain. What kind of projects are you working on?

Hey @Stupid! :smiley:

Good question… here is my old squarespace portfolio:
I wanted to finish my new Webflow portfolio today but I just found out that the amount of elements per page is too high. So I think I have to restructure everything before it finally gets online :confused:

Currently I am working on a website for a yoga studio in Friedrichshain. :slight_smile:

What about you?

Ah you’re coming from Squarespace :slight_smile:

Didn’t know that this is possible. How many elements you have? (Nice to know)

We’re about Branding -

I like your portfolio. Cool style you have.

Oh wow, super nice agency! :upside_down_face:
If you ever need a freelancer to work with, I would be happy to collaborate!

Good question. I don’t know how many but I made a mistake by putting my case studies in tabs. I aimed for having 3 categories (UX/UI, Packaging and Merchandise Products) and each one got 3 case studies. I guess by having them in tabs on ONE page, all 3 case studies have to load when the page is loading.

I only found out when I was filling in the content one by one. In the end none of the hovers worked anymore.
I managed to reduce the load on two pages (by simply deleting the page load animation) but the UX/UI category with the videos is just too big. ::neutral_face:

If you want to have a look:

I guess I will have to restructure and put every case study on a separate page.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: Sure. We book artist for specialized style. If we have a project that fits to your style, we’ll might get at you.

Looks really beautyful. So nice. Yeah videos kill the performance. We had a lot of problems with scrolling smoothness and stuff with big pages. We decided to take out all the scrolling animation on Big Content Pages. Made the experience, that people like scrolling lag less than missing animation.

Is this the 1,2,3 Step thing?

Yes, exactly. These are the tabs.

That would be nice! Happy to hear from you! :slight_smile:
Until then: stay healthy!! :mask:

Thank you, you too :raising_hand_man:

Hi Alex,

Welcome to the Webflow forums. :slight_smile:


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Hey Valkir! Thank you for asking! Despite the whole quarantine situation it’s going pretty good I would say! :slight_smile:
What about you?