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Gradient background color changing (clicking)

When I try to change the color of a gradient by double clicking on the color box, you can see that sometimes it adds a color instead of changing the current color.

There doesn’t seem to be a strategy for clikcing the box that doesn’t sometimes add a new gradient. Any suggestions?

What about adding a hot-key like ⌘ + Click?

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Hi, did you ever get this resolved? It’s kind of hard to understand what you mean exactly.

I am experiencing this issue as well. It’s a bit tricky to explain what exactly is going on through words. But what happens is when you double-click on an existing color value tab (to change the color), another tab will appear in the same position, almost as if you are duplicating the color tab.

You often end up with an extra color value tab that is “hidden behind” another tab of the same percentage value. Sometimes this gets in the way, but most times it’s a very small issue that won’t affect the rest of the designer.

A fix isn’t required right away but it would be nice to get rid of this.
Hope this clarifies his request, thanks!

Oh I see, I remember a post about this a few weeks ago. There was a know issue and support posted a fix about it. Please email support directly and ask them about the fix or workaround they sent out.

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