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Workaround for changing the color of a background gradient on OSX

I wanted to reply to the original thread, but it’s been closed so I’ve made a new thread so people googling “how to change background gradients in Webflow” can find this workaround: Changing the color of a background gradient

The problem
As your Webflow site grows in number of styles and elements in a page the Designer seems to slow down somewhat. The issue is when you go and try to edit a background gradient no matter how many double clicks or triple clicks you do, you can’t swap out the black and white gradient as expected because the color picker never pops up :persevere:

This doesnt work for me. Using Google Chrome on the latest OSX.

I try to double click the colours but nothing happens. all I can do is move them round. Can’t change the colours at all…(Changing the color of a background gradient):

The temporary workaround
Make a new (empty) page, drag your new element (section, container, div etc) into the canvas, give it a selector name, then go and change the background gradient.

Then you can select that style using the style selector pane on and element you like.

Disclaimer: This worked for me in Safari (11) on Mac Hit Sierra

I hope this helps people.

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