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Changing the color of a background gradient

How do you change the color of a gradient? It default to black to white.

Click the element and go to the style pane and click the gradient tab under background. It’ll launch a popup with 2 sliders with colors in them. Double click the colors to change them.

I recommend watching all the tutorial videos at before jumping into webflow or you will have a lot of questions.

Thanks! Such an easy an obvious solution.

I’m going through them now.

This doesnt work for me. Using Google Chrome on the latest OSX.

I try to double click the colours but nothing happens. all I can do is move them round. Can’t change the colours at all…

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@Sam_Adams this happens to me also. very annoying bug.

try double clicking inside the solid black area of the small left hand slider bar.

I have also read that you have to sometimes triple click. (I don’t have this problem because I use Safari but I know people who have this problem.)