Div Block Gradient Background No Delete option

When creating a gradient background for a div block, when I click on edit color, it creates another point. your software does not give option to delete those gradient points.

I’ve been having the same problems. I find it near impossible to just change the two default gradient colours (black and white by default). When i click on them 9 times out of 10 it will just add a new colour underneath. It was never like this several months ago, the gradient swatch slection worked fine then.

Can you please share your read only project link.

I screen capped the issue I was having notice when I add a colour on the right of the gradient it adds a new swatch after I double click to change it red. When I drag the swatch it adds another new colour under that one again.

I was just testing it and it seems to be an issue when using the gradient tools in Google Chrome. In Safari this issue does not occur.

Well gee! Does this mean we Windows users are doomed, or WebFlow is doing something about it??

In the Gradient Slider when you click and hold a colour swatch to move left and right try holding and pulling a swatch down below the gradient menu as far as you can and a little red X should appear over the swatch and be deleted when you let go.

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