Google won't index my Portfolio-Website

Dear Webflow-Community

I recently completed my portfolio-website, but having problem with google indexing my website.
Past two weeks i looked through tons of post & videos on this topic, but Google still refuses to index my page. Here is what it looks like on Google Search Console when i inspect my website (

Here is my read-only link of the portfolio page:

As always, thanks for your support!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Have you “requested indexing” manually?

Hi yigit,

Yes I requested manual indexing multiple times in the past weeks.
Unfortunately no luck so far.

So, in terms of crawlability your site is technically good to go.

Indexability is up to Google and it seems like the bot doesn’t have any reason to index your content at the moment.

You need to do some off-page (link building, social distribution, promotional etc.) work to signal that your website is “worth” indexing.

This might speed up the process of indexing.

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