Google does not index my website

Hallo everyone,

Google does not index my website, I have asked Google Search Console to update it weeks ago and I tested the live url, see:

Does anyone know what could be te problem? Thank you in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Flori Online Marketing

Here is my published website:

If Google has crawled it, it may or may not be added to the Index at some point… getting backlinks will help to prove to Google that you belong in the Index, but just because you are crawled does not mean you are Indexed. It could take days or it could take months before you are added, if you are added!

I see nothing on your site or in the code that would prevent you from being indexed. I do see that you have not set up your robots.txt in your site settings, however. You might want to do that. Follow instructions here: Disable search engine indexing - Webflow University Documentation

Thank you! I think linking it here worked, because google indexed it now :smiley: