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Google verification fails [solved]


I’ve tried both the metatag method (the one that’s linked from the instructions) and the Analytics code snippet method. With the metatag method, I get an error saying that the tag is not formatted correctly. I did use the Classic analytics approach.

Here is the setup in Webflow:

Here is the result on the web page (“view source”):

And here’s the result from Google when verification fails:

Thanks for any help!

Hi Doug, copy just the code that is in between the Content=“your_code” tag in that meta tag info you got from google. That is what you want to copy into the google site verification. Then it will work.

So copy the code beginning with “DZhd…” and just that code, not any other part of the meta tag info into the Google Site Verification field.

Please do ask if any questions.



Thanks very much! I copied just the your_code portion, and it did verify correctly. Thanks for the quick response.

Your welcome :smile: Happy webflowing…