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Can't get google analytics to track my site

My domain is connected with webflow but I still can’t get google analytics to track my site.
what to do?


Continuing the discussion from Google Analytics Verification Not Working:

Hi @endlessblink, thanks for your message. I see you had a support ticket and I have replied to that. The main issue is that the version of Google Analytics you were using is the Universal Analytics, and that version likes to have the script snippet from google used instead of just the tracking code placed in the UI. If you get the tracking snippet script code from google, and paste that to your HEAD of your site, and remove the google tracking code from the Analytics tab, and then save and republish your site, it should work :smile:

I tested on your site and now the Google Tag verifier is working according to the Google Tag verifier. Also the issue from the post you gave, is different than the Google Analytics code, in that case, it seems that the html meta tag option for verification should be used, instead of using a file upload to verify site ownership. I hope that helps. Cheers, Dave

How do I paste the analytics code snippet into the HEAD of my pages? When I look at the HTML I do not see a HEAD section.

There is an analytics tab in the dashboard of each site, that is where you paste the google analytics code.

I see a field for the Google Analytics ID and a field for Google Site Verification. Which one is for the tracking code? Google says I must copy and paste the Tracking Code into the head of each page.

I put the tracking code snippet in the Custom Code section under Head Code and it worked!!

Hi @swmcclellandr and all :slight_smile: If you are using the Google Classics analytics, you can paste your UA code into the Analytics field in the Site Settings. If you are using Google Universal analytics, or you are using a code snippet (which is usually the case with Google Universal Analytics) you should only use the code snippet in your HEAD of your side as you have done, and also remove the UA code if it exists from the Analytics tab of Site Settings, because google cannot read both codes at the same time and tracking might not work properly. If you just use one method or the other, depending on the type of Analytics you are using, it should work fine. Let us know if any issues :slight_smile: cheers, Dave

The Analytics tab will be updated with this info so that future users will not be confused by the Classic vs Universal analytics ID. Thanks for the feedback