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Google site verification don't work


I have problem with the google site verification.

I add the code I receive on the google plateform :

I copy paste this code here but it does not work (i put fake numbers)

I try to copy past it in the html custom code, but still don’t work (fake numbers)

Best regards

Try with only the number


I find the solution !

You need to copy specific HTML code given by Google in your header

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Actually, you are using the wrong code to verify your site. I had to blur most of it out for security purposes, but the code is Alphanumeric with the possibility of “-” & “_” in it as well.

It should look something like this and be roughly 48-56 characters long:

Hi Brandon,

Thank you !
I got it !

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You can go with alternative method, in that method choose html tag option and download that file and upload to root folder of that website.