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What Verification?

So, what google site verification code is Webflow asking for from Webmaster tools in order to verify the page? I THOUGHT…it was the meta description, but that failed. In addition, where is this code being placed in the codes page? I’m assuming the header.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Google gives you a tag that looks something like this:

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="nxGUDJ4QpAZ5l9Bsjdi102tLVC21AIh5d1Nl23908vVuFHs34"/>

Just take copy/paste the part inside the content double quotes:

nxGUDJ4QpAZ5l9Bsjdi102tLVC21AIh5d1Nl23908vVuFHs34 (<< don’t use this one. it’s just an example)

This is what you would paste into that text field.

Thanks @PixelGeek. You know what happened, I clicked “Save” but not publish. All is calm on the western front.

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The same thing happened to me. I spent hours clicking on “Save”, but never on “Publish”. I think a warning would be of great help here. Something like “Dude, these changes will only work after you republish the site”.

just you wait until the eastern front gets angry… and they will.